Loan programs

What Now for Student Aid Bill?

Democrats' plan to consider health care legislation through "budget reconciliation" process has implications for student loan reform -- not all of them good.

$1.2 Billion, Forgone?

Lack of agreement over access to U.S. database of workers has impaired Education Department's ability to collect money from defaulted borrowers.

Revamped Aid Bill on Track

Compromise legislation, clearing several key hurdles, would provide billions for Pell Grants, minority institutions -- and, in a late reversal, community colleges.

Student Loan Overhaul Advances

Overshadowed by health care, legislation to end lender-based federal loans and use savings to shore up grants for needy students nears final approval.

Unlikely Bedfellows on Student Loans

Maybe we can all get along.

Wall Street Reform and Student Loans

WASHINGTON -- Like many pieces of major legislation, the financial reform measure on which Congressional negotiators reached final agreement late last week satisfies no one entirely.

3 Million and Counting

As policy debate rages about for-profit colleges' value, their enrollments continue to soar, nearing 12 percent of all students.

A Plea for Perkins

At hearing Wednesday, lawmakers praise a student loan program that is facing a phaseout.

Credit Card Companies Pay Millions to Colleges

Federal Reserve report documents $83.5 million in payments to campuses, alumni groups and foundations in 2009.

Student Loan Debt, Reframed

Study examines little-explored (but big) group of borrowers: the majority who neither default nor repay all their loans on time. How much trouble are they in?


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