Loan programs

U.S. judge invalidates federal rule governing college vocational programs

Federal court finds that Education Dept. lacked adequate justification for one key measure in new regulations.

What we don't know about college student debt

Despite growing concern over loan burdens, some key data points remain completely unclear -- including how much students borrow, on average, at specific colleges.

CFPB is investigating Corinthian Colleges, possibly focusing on student lending

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau enters the for-profit fray with an investigation of Corinthian Colleges, that references the company's loans to students. Will investigation expand?

After online petition, bank forgives dead student's loans

KeyBank, an outlier in the lending industry, for years required the co-signing parent of one dead student to make payments on $50,000 of debt. The bank acquiesced after an online petition went viral.

Education Department Admits Flawed Data in Gainful Employment Analysis

The Department of Education admits failing to include black students in its calculation of loan repayment rates in run-up to gainful employment. The mistake will fuel for-profit claims of unfair treatment by feds.

Budget compromise would preserve maximum Pell grant, NIH funding

A budget compromise would slightly increase funding for the National Institutes of Health and change eligibility for the largest federal grant program for college students.

DeVos gives brief reprieve to borrowers

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's extension of a pause on repaying student loans for another month is welcome news for borrowers, but it could create a mess for Joe Biden.

TICAS report looks back on 15 years of student debt analysis

The average amount of loans that bachelor's degree graduates hold has been relatively flat the past few years. But there's still much work to do, experts say.

Could Senate rebuke DeVos over borrower-defense rule?

As Senate debates joining House in condemning Education Department rule on forgiving student loans, key Republicans are on the fence.

Billionaire Robert Smith follows through on pledge to pay off Morehouse students' loan debt

Billionaire donor's pledge to Morehouse College graduating Class of 2019 will wipe out $34 million in student loan debt owed by students and parents.


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