Loan programs

Education Dept. officials debate partial debt relief for student borrowers

Education Department weighs whether -- and how -- the government should offer partial relief to some who filed borrower-defense claims.

As deadline looms, chances of extension for Perkins Loan program uncertain

The federal student loan program expires Sept. 30, and it’s unclear if an extension will go through -- despite backing from colleges and bipartisan support.

Department of Education scraps single-servicer plan but keeps one portal for borrowers

Education secretary plans to shake up student loan servicing again. The department remains committed to single website for student borrowers.

DeVos says Education Dept. will provide relief to students promised loan discharge

Education secretary finally responds, without detail, to Democratic lawmakers who sought answers on status of promised student loan discharge claims for defrauded borrowers.

U.S. stance raises doubt about eligibility for federal loan forgiveness programs

Recent court filing by Department of Education fuels uncertainty about whether borrowers can count on contractors’ assertions that they qualify for federal debt relief program.

Consumer protection bureau, two states sue student loan servicer Navient

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and two states sue Navient, the nation’s largest student loan servicer, for allegedly creating obstacles to repayment.

Education Department announces thousands of new loan discharges

Education Department action helps those who attended Corinthian, as well as ITT Technical Institute and American Career Institute.

GAO report finds costs of loan programs outpace estimates and department methodology flawed

GAO report faults Education Department for serious ‘shortcomings’ in estimating cost of income-based repayment programs, giving new ammunition to congressional Republicans.

Brookings study finds growing disparities in student loan debt between black and white graduates

Consumer advocates say a Brookings study highlights the need for comprehensive federal data on the relationship between college loan debt and race.

U.S. receives thousands of comments on proposed student debt forgiveness rules

Department of Education receives thousands of comments on proposed regulations for discharge of federal loans when colleges have defrauded students.


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