Loan programs

U.S. eases requirements for Parent PLUS loans

Parents and students with damaged credit histories will have an easier time getting the loans under new regulations. Education Department will publish institution-level PLUS loan default rates. 

Families' student loan debt grows, but rate of increase slows

Federal report shows families' student loan burden grows while other forms of debt decline, but suggests a slight slowing of the rate of increase in families' college-related debt.

Education Department renegotiates contracts with student loan servicers

Facing criticism that it doesn't properly oversee the companies managing student loan payments, the Education Department revamps its contracts.

Student debt once again popular on the campaign trail, as Democrats look to keep Senate

As Democrats look to keep their grip on the U.S. Senate, they’re touting their support of legislation to let borrowers refinance their debt at lower interest rates. 

U.S. House votes to change college tax breaks, boost student loan counseling

Lawmakers' overhaul of higher education tax benefits gives colleges and universities things to cheer and protest. They also approve a bill to boost student loan counseling. 

Report: Minority community college students denied access to federal loans

An advocacy group's new report shows that nearly a million community college students -- including a disproportionate share of underrepresented minorities -- lack access to federal student loan programs. 

ITT's federal compliance scramble differs from Corinthian's shut down

ITT's missed deadline with the Education Department prompts comparisons to Corinthian Colleges. But ITT is on firmer ground.

Senate Republicans block student loan reform legislation

Senate Republicans prevent passage of legislation to let student loan borrowers lower their interest rates.

Consumer Protection Bureau says some private loan borrowers face co-signer issues

Federal officials say that some lenders, when a student's loan cosigner dies, declare an automatic default -- with no chance for the student to pay off what is owed.

Education Department plans to change how it oversees loan servicers

Education Department plans changes in how it evaluates student loan servicers. Consumer advocates and some members of Congress have criticized the department's oversight of the companies. 


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