The Loan Scandal

Permissible Preferred Lender Lists

Education Dept. reviews of colleges where most loans go to one lender reportedly find no problems at Middlebury and Lawrence Tech.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Senate student loan report is short on new charges, but fleshes out evidence that colleges often solicited benefits they got from lenders.

Colleges Plot Strategy on Conflicts of Interest

Several dozen association and campus officials meet in Washington in acknowledgment that loan scandal has implications across the campus landscape.

What's a Financial Aid Director to Do?

Let's say you're a financial aid director (with his or her trusty lawyer in tow) at a college in New York State, and you're deciding what practices should govern your future dealings with students and loan providers in the highly charged climate in the wake of last spring's student loan scandal. The general principle is obvious -- less interaction, much more disclosure -- but on specifics, questions arise. Do we continue to have a preferred lender list, and if so, how many lenders should be on it?

The Education Department's Activist Agenda

Education Secretary Margaret Spellings continues to try to counter the twin perceptions of her Education Department as lax on enforcement on the one hand and inappropriately meddling in the affairs of colleges on the other.

A Reminder From New York

After months of silence on student loans, Cuomo announces another settlement, unveils new code of conduct, and warns Congress not to dally on Higher Education Act reforms.

The Credit Crunch Takes a Toll

Lenders' plans to end loans to some students at for-profit colleges are first clear signs of downturn's impact on higher ed; some fear damage will grow.

Questions, Not Answers, on Conflicts of Interest

Higher education group's statement on individual and institutional conflicts avoids prescription of what colleges should and shouldn't do.

Loan Guarantor and Attorney General Settle in N.J.

In accord that largely endorses previous changes, independent "monitor" will oversee state agency's activities for a year.

Pulling Back the Curtain on Private Loans

Advocacy group's analysis of expanding alternative loan market suggests that high prices are just part of the picture.


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