The Loan Scandal

A Student Loan Credit Crunch -- But for Whom?

Lenders are feeling the pain. But as federal officials and traditional colleges minimize impact on students, career college backers bemoan effects and predict damage will spread.

Matching Borrower With Lender, Social-Network Style

A new crop of online student lending services is approaching its first full semester in business. Will the "people to people" model catch on as a new source of alternative loans?

Cuomo, Back on the Scene

After months of relative silence on student loans, New York's attorney general reaches settlements with lenders (valued at $1.4 million) over their marketing directly to borrowers.

Iowa Finds Lender's Practices Hurt Student Borrowers

As student loan providers look back now on the nearly daily accusations of improper marketing to colleges and students that they endured in 2007, many of them grumble that for all the charges of questionable behavior, critics like New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo failed to prove that any students were directly hurt by what they did.

Student Loan Potpourri

Cuomo examines lender's relationships with athletics departments; GAO criticizes U.S. oversight of inducements to colleges; Senate panel backs bill on private loans; EduCap shrinks.

Cuomo's Plans for Loan Fines

For two years, ever since New York Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo began hitting up lenders and colleges for six- and seven-figure payments to settle accusations that they had violated state laws with their student loan practices, his critics have wondered what he planned to do with the millions of dollars he's collected.


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