American (Mathematicians) in Paris

Brown University program is unusual in its ambition for graduate education.

Outsourcing Remedial Ed

Through contracts with community colleges, four-year institutions are offering developmental courses on their campuses that aren't their courses at all.

Rethinking Remedial Education

In statewide effort, community colleges in California experiment with new models for "basic skills" instruction and student services.

Report Critical of Math Teachers' Preparation

At a time when many are bemoaning the lack of preparation of Americans in science and mathematics, a new study places at least some of the blame on math teachers left unequipped by college and university teacher education programs.

Getting Students in the Zone

Some colleges are hoping biofeedback technology will help students defeat stress and perform better on tests and in subjects such as math.

Funding Science, Smartly

As House appropriators examine boom in federal research money and foresee more, they weigh priorities and techniques for avoiding mistakes of the past.

Seeking Advice on Women in Science

Lawmakers consider impact of role models, athletics, and curriculum in attracting students.

'Mathematicians Fleeing From Nazi Germany'

Much has been written about the immigration of Jewish scholars and others who opposed or feared the Nazis to the United States and other countries. A new book focuses on one discipline -- mathematics -- and how this migration affected not only those who moved, but scholarship. The book is Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany: Individual Fates and Global Impact, by Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze, professor of the history of mathematics at the University of Agder, in Norway.

Students Model Zombie Attack

Canadian researchers use mathematical principles to map the spread of a Zombie virus.

Path to Transfer

Mount Holyoke College works to boost number of community college transfers, achieving unusual success for a liberal arts college.


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