Medical education

Iowa Supreme Court says chiropractic college discriminated against blind student

Iowa Supreme Court rules that chiropractic college cannot reject a student's request to meet requirements for analyzing X-rays through a reader.


Medical faculty at U. Texas campus oppose presidential tenure 'vetoes'

Medical faculty at U. Texas campus oppose uptick in presidential tenure renewal 'vetoes.'

U.S. judge orders Creighton medical school to provide specific services to deaf student

Federal judge orders Creighton medical school to provide specific accommodations -- different from those it offered -- to hearing impaired student.

Stanford University and Khan Academy use flipped classroom for medical education

Stanford University and the Khan Academy present a road map to change medical education -- and to bring students back to lecture halls.

Federal agencies warn health professions schools about Hepatitis B bias

Federal agencies are investigating reports of illegal bias by medical and dental schools against applicants or students with Hepatitis B.

Mount Sinai rethinks medical school admissions

Mount Sinai will drop pre-med requirements and standardized testing for half of its entering students -- and will admit them while they are college sophomores.

Dispute over veterinary accreditor turns philosophical

A debate about the future of veterinary medicine erupts at meeting of federal accreditation advisory committee.

UT system merges Brownsville and Pan Am campuses with eye toward new medical school

U. of Texas System merges two south Texas universities, hoping to leverage their combined pull to build a long-coveted medical school in the region.

MCAT is changing how it tests would-be physicians

New social sciences test will broaden base of knowledge measured. Educators hope to change the way pre-meds think about undergraduate education.

Med Students' Own Mental Health Care

A study published Tuesday paints a grim picture of America’s increasingly stressed medical students, in what researchers say they hope will be a “wake-up call” to the nation’s medical schools and health care policy makers.

The study, led by the Cambridge Health Alliance, a hospital system near Boston, includes data from 115 of the nation’s medical schools, looking specifically at what type of health insurance they offer to students with mental health and substance abuse problems.


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