Medical education

Epidemiology 101 As an Undergraduate Mainstay

Public health courses, still far from common at colleges, should become the norm, according to a consortium of academic groups.

Animals in the Med School Classroom

An advocacy group wants institutions to stop using dogs and pigs as teaching tools. Some colleges no longer do, but others still defend the practice.

Slow Progress on Institutional Conflicts Policies

Medical schools quickly enacted policies on individual financial conflicts, but have lagged in addressing financial conflicts tied to institutional funds, survey finds.

Tomorrow's Doctors: Less Empathetic Tomorrow Than Today

“Is There Hardening of the Heart During Medical School?” asks a new study appearing in March’s Academic Medicine.

Seems so.

When Med Students Become Admissions Counselors

Entrepreneurial future M.D.'s at U. of Chicago -- who helped with applicant interviews -- set up business to advise other applicants.

Med Schools' Expected Enrollment Growth

With expected growth at existing schools and a collection of new ones likely on the way, the country’s first-year medical school enrollment is projected to grow 21 percent over a 10-year period ending in 2012, according to a survey released by the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Is There a Pharmacist in the House?

In response to overwhelming demand for graduates, more institutions create pharmacy colleges.

Sharing Information About 'Struggling' Med Students

As colleges have begun paying increasing attention to retaining their current students, they have embraced a range of strategies for identifying and helping those who struggle. Virtually all of those strategies -- such as "early warning" systems and "intrusive advising" -- depend on a "it takes a village" approach, in which the more people working together to help the student, the better.

Evidence for Educational Value of Diversity

Study of white medical students finds link between institutional demographics and perceptions of ability to care for diverse populations.

Med School Enrollments Are Up, Applications Down

Latino figures show substantial gain, due in part to opening of new branches in parts of the country with large Hispanic populations.


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