Mental health

College presidents prioritizing mental health more than in previous years, new study finds

As cases of student anxiety and depression skyrocket, top university officials are focusing more on these issues, according to a new report.

Indiana lecturer under scrutiny for alleged verbal abuse of mentally disabled employee

An Indiana University lecturer is facing social media backlash after accusations she verbally abused a mentally disabled employee at a local McDonald's.

Florida State launches 'resilience' project to teach students about effects of early trauma

Florida State administrators launch campaign for all 6,000 new students, designed to teach them how to cope with both everyday stressors and early trauma, which is shown to lead to greater health problems.

Campus police officers only in some cases equipped to deal with mental health crises, experts say

Only some college and university police officers are being trained to handle students' mental health crises, experts say.

New study says graduate students' mental health is a "crisis"


Study finds "strikingly high" rates of depression and anxiety, with many reporting little help or support from supervisors.

Recent suicide by professor sparks renewed discussions about access to mental-health services for faculty members

A death this week leads to renewed discussions about academics and mental health.

Anxiety and depression are the primary concerns for students seeking counseling services

Survey of campus counseling centers finds increased demand for services, as well as additional positions and more diversity in hiring.

Northwestern professors urged to put information about mental health services on syllabi

Northwestern U Faculty Senate passes resolution encouraging professors to put information about mental health services on their syllabi.

Colleges expand access to mental health services on campus


Driven by greater student demand, colleges expand access to mental health services by embedding counselors in residence halls and creating 24-hour hotlines.

New Jersey legislation would require colleges to disclose campus suicides


New Jersey lawmaker wants to require colleges to disclose each year how many students attempt take their own lives, and how many succeed. Mental health experts fear consequences of the idea.


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