Mental health

Suicide Risk

The percentage of students who try to kill themselves may be increasing, a new study suggests.

'Engagement,' Depression and Drugs

The more students are "engaged" in their academic work, the less likely they are to drink heavily or abuse drugs. But academic engagement does not seem to have any effect, positively or negatively, on students' overall mental health, although it does seem to add to the level of stress they feel.

Drawing Attention to Depression

American Psychiatric Association begins information campaign aimed specifically at college students.

Different Kinds of Diversity

Counseling centers are urged to pay more attention to subgroups of students whose needs may not have been considered previously.

Not So Confidential Counseling

Experts fear plan at George Washington U. to have psychologists share some information on students with administrators.

Hurricane on the Brain

Study documents psychological strain on students displaced by Katrina.

Counseling Crisis

Colleges face legal backlash when they bar students who report suicidal feelings or other serious psychological problems.

After a Suicide

One college's officials describe the grief, the duties and the debates after a student took his own life in a highly visible way.

Psychological Troubles on the Rise

New survey of counseling center directors reveals major concerns about suicides and policies to prevent them.

Settlement in MIT Suicide Suit

Experts had hoped that legal fight would offer guidance for other colleges on liability for students with serious mental health problems.


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