How will Trump's proposed border wall affect higher education collaborations and exchange?

Some college leaders are concerned about the symbolic impact of Trump’s proposed wall on collaborations and exchange, even as many wait to see what, if any, practical effects it might have.


Persecution of Mexican researchers reaches new level


Government is attempting to bring charges against 31 scholars.


Mexico backs down on rules that would have limited ability of researchers to travel


Concerns linger about government attitudes toward science.


Initiatives seek to increase academic collaboration between the U.S. and Mexico

Multiple governmental initiatives seek to increase academic mobility and scientific collaboration with the U.S.


Distance Ed's New Market -- in Spanish

Reynaldo Pol, a coordinator of English as a second language courses for adults in a suburban Atlanta county, knows first-hand what issues language instructors in his corner of the world face. When he decided it was time to go back to school, Pol, a Cuban by birth who grew up in Puerto Rico and received his bachelor’s degree at Georgia’s Piedmont College, decided he wanted to look more broadly, beyond borders.

Going Borderless and Bilingual

U. of Texas at El Paso's unique M.F.A. program expands into the online sector.

An In-State Tuition Debate

State by state, leaders consider the thorny question of whether students living there illegally should pay in-state fees.

One Year Later, the Speech Does Go On

Expert on immigration whose talk was stopped short last year accepts an invite back to U. of Arizona.

A Fence Could Run Through It

U. of Texas at Brownsville worries that wall to block border crossing with Mexico could cut off a campus.

Turmoil at a Mexican University

Months after forcing out a host of professors and administrators, the rector of an institution with close ties to U.S. colleges himself departs.


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