Military education

Unregulated for-profits receive big chunk of military spouse tuition aid

Largely unregulated for-profit vocational colleges, which can't receive federal student aid, collect 40 percent of military spouse tuition benefits.


Majority of senators sign letter opposing Defense Department rules

To win Republican senators' support, letter opposing new Defense Department policies on tuition assistance was changed to eliminate references to for-profit colleges as "subpar" institutions.

Report says states and VA have poor oversight of programs that receive GI benefits

Millions of dollars in veterans' benefits may be going to colleges and programs that don't offer a quality education. 


California agency stands by suspension of colleges from state-based GI eligibility

Update: State agency reverses decision to suspend out-of-state colleges’ ability to award education aid to veterans.


FTC settlement says rankings of 'military-friendly' colleges were deceptive promotions

U.S. trade commission accuses Victory Media of letting colleges pay for inclusion in “matchmaker” tool, materials targeting military service members.


New GI Bill includes $75 million noncollege provider program for veterans

The new "Forever" GI Bill includes a $75 million program to let military veterans use federal benefits for technology courses through noncollege providers -- another potential challenge to traditional higher ed.


N.J. community college gets serious about credit for veterans

To help military veterans earn more credit for their training, a New Jersey community college creates a new degree track and sends two administrators to boot camp on Parris Island.


Department of Defense changes requirements for tuition assistance

The Department of Defense appears to have dropped provisions that many research universities said overreached on colleges' academic policies, but will require more disclosure.

Book examines the role of ROTC in post-DADT world

New book examines the decline of ROTC after the Vietnam War and its recent return to America's elite campuses.


Multi-state investigation of for-profits stays local, so far

Multi-state investigation of for-profits includes review of institutional loans and recruiting of veterans. But finding common targets is a problem, and investigators have yet to take on a major for-profit.



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