Military recruiters/Solomon amendment

Not Marching in Step

Repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" led other elite universities to restore ROTC. Brown is still debating.

Wrangling Over Military Recruiting

Yale's law school joins Harvard's in again barring armed services recruiters; Congress sends colleges a warning.

Headed for the High Court

Supreme Court will decide long-running dispute over campus access for military recruiters.

Columbia Says No, Still, to ROTC

The university's Senate rejects a proposal urging an end to the three-decade boycott of military reserve program for students.

ROTC Debate Not Over at Columbia

Trustee chair says board will discuss return of military unit despite Senate’s rejection of the idea.

Starting In on the Higher Ed Act

A House panel approves bills on graduate and international education, beginning formal work on the massive federal law.

Pentagon Wants Student Names

Privacy groups oppose military effort to create massive database for recruiting purposes.

Going After the Little Guys

The Pentagon has cited three independent law schools for barring military recruiters -- but what about Harvard?

A Supreme Battle Takes Shape

All parties weigh in on law denying funds to colleges that restrict campus access to military recruiters.

Toe to Toe

On 2 campuses, arrests during protests of military recruiters set off more protests.


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