Military recruiters/Solomon amendment

The Supremes Scrutinize Solomon

Justices seem inclined to uphold law that bars federal funds to campuses that restrict military recruiters.

Evidence of Pentagon Surveillance

College officials express concern about information apparently gathered about campus protests against the military.

Slapped by the Supremes

Unanimous court ruling in Pentagon case means colleges must grant full access to military recruiters or lose funds.

Law on Military Recruiters Upheld

Unanimous U.S. Supreme Court says Solomon Amendment does not violate law schools' rights.

To Litigate Or Not to Litigate

Yale and Penn law schools consider whether to keep fighting Solomon Amendment battles when the Supreme Court decided the war.

Mississippi State Wants Them

University creates new center to attract veterans as students -- and plans to travel the world to recruit them.

Little Talk of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

The U.S. Supreme Court may have unanimously squelched a First Amendment challenge on the part of law schools to a 1994 law tying federal funding to campus access for military recruiters back in March.

A Peek Inside ROTC

A war correspondent profiles an Army cadet unit at the University of South Carolina.

Want a Job? Sorry, It's Too Risky

It’s no surprise that the University of California at Santa Cruz’s redwood-studded campus wouldn’t exactly be what you would call friendly territory for the military recruiters who annually march through its throngs of protestors to take their seats for otherwise innocuous job fairs.

Appeals Court Upholds Military Recruiting

A last attempt by professors to fight the Solomon Amendment on academic freedom grounds is turned back.


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