The Real Science Ethics Issues

Experts say that the headline-grabbing scandals may distract attention from potentially more damaging, accepted practices.

Think Before You Research

More industry money requires more ethical vigilance by researchers and institutions, a biomedical federation says.

Uncertain Outcome for Accused Harvard Scholar

University ends its ethics inquiry into Andrei Shleifer, who was charged with defrauding U.S. But was he punished?

Tobacco on Trial in California

Regents tabled a decision on banning tobacco funding, but they may have done so without having all the information.

Promotion Decision Questioned

Or not questioned enough? New Mexico professor decries inaction amid charges that a colleague misrepresented qualifications.

Higher Ed's Conflict of Interest Problem

As revelation after revelation about real and potential conflicts of interest wrongdoing has battered the student loan industry in recent months, college leaders and higher education groups have largely responded (when they have done so at all) by acknowledging problems -- and proposing possible solutions -- in and around financial aid offices.

Scrutiny of Researcher-Industry Ties

U.S. senator asks universities about their oversight of professors' disclosure about payments they receive from drug companies.

Plagiarism and the President

Southern Illinois U. leader raises eyebrows with announcement that a department at his university will review charges that he plagiarized his dissertation.

'Sentenced to Science'

The Game of Ghost Writing

Studies at international peer review conference examine a practice that has drawn Congressional scrutiny: the publication of scholarly papers whose authors didn't write them.


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