U of Missouri leaders resign amid student concerns over racism and diversity

Amid escalating tensions, students protesting what they see as a culture of racism at the University of Missouri successfully oust the system's president and the flagship's chancellor.


Should professors be told why they were denied tenure?

When a tenure bid goes south, is the professor entitled to know why? Experts say yes, but a faculty member at the U. of Missouri says the institution is holding out on his request for a reason.


Competency-based education continues spread

Western Governors U. and others continue to expand competency-based education amid excitement (and confusion) about President Obama's praise of the approach.

Community college takes on for-profits in marketing campaign

A Missouri community college goes after nearby for-profits with TV ads that name names and compare tuition rates. Will other community colleges follow suit?


In male-dominated profession, a woman leads lineman instruction at Metropolitan Community College

Missouri's first female lineman is using her teaching position to draw more women into the male-dominated field.


Former adjunct turned city councilman banned from St. Louis Community College campus

A community college's ban of a former adjunct turned city councilman prevents city meetings on campus.


Community college's job market study highlights need for middle skills despite low unemployment

St. Louis Community College’s annual employer study finds openings for middle-skilled employees but also concerns about applicants’ skills and training.



To avoid conflicts of interest, Missouri board considers detour for state officials who seek university jobs.

Long-Fought Win for Gay Rights

After retirement of president who called homosexuality a "biological perversion," Missouri State board bars bias.

Intellectual Diversity or Intellectual Insult?

Missouri House bill would force colleges to report on campus climate, with suggestion that they protect Biblical inerrancy.


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