While some NCAA athletes cash in on NIL, others lose out

Star athletes at Division I schools are earning big payouts from the NCAA’s interim name, image and likeness policy, while athletes playing minor sports at smaller schools struggle to make sense of it.


Supreme Court hears NCAA athlete compensation case

The hearing on what could be a landmark case on college athlete compensation was focused on athlete exploitation and the potential destruction of the college sports model.


College athletes permitted to be paid for name, image, likeness

The National Collegiate Athletic Association's governing board votes to allow college athletes to be compensated in third-party sponsorship deals.


California passes bill allowing athletes to be paid for name, image and likeness

State's politicians approve legislation to allow athletes to be compensated for use of their name, image and likeness for marketing purposes. The NCAA fiercely opposes the measure.


Another federal court ruling chips away at NCAA limits on support for athletes

Judge declares that association and colleges illegally restrict value of "education benefits" to which big-time football and basketball players are entitled -- but stops far short of free market sought by athletes.


Pac-12 conference mulls taking on private equity investors

A proposal to sell off part of the Pacific-12 Conference to private investors raises eyebrows among some athletics experts.


New NCAA rules allow men's basketball players to have agents, return to college if undrafted

The NCAA plans new rules for the sport it says will minimize corruption -- among them, allowing agents the association certifies to represent college players.


With investigation of Michigan State, Nassar, NCAA stepping out of traditional role

In investigating Michigan State and Larry Nassar, sports group is crossing into new enforcement territory unlike anything since its inquiry and punishment of Penn State, experts say.

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FBI charges in college basketball -- beyond a few 'bad apples'?

Do explosive corruption charges involving the basketball programs at six universities make it harder to ignore the possibility that the problems are systemic? University presidents weigh in.


Baylor not alone in shielding athletes accused of misconduct from punishment

Baylor University’s former head football coach covered up his players’ sexual violence and other troubling behaviors for years, new court documents allege. But the university is not alone in protecting athletes from punishment.



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