Nebraska lawmakers call for resignation of UNL chancellor

Two state senators are calling for University of Nebraska at Lincoln chancellor Ronnie Green to step down following the announcement of a new plan on diversity and inclusion.


AAUP: Nebraska-Lincoln violated lecturer's academic freedom when it ended her teaching appointment


AAUP says University of Nebraska-Lincoln violated Courtney Lawton's academic freedom when it ended her teaching appointment over a high-profile political dispute on campus.


Professors push back on Republican state lawmakers' allegations about English department and entire University of Nebraska

University of Nebraska professors want board to defend them against Republican politicians who, after incident with lecturer, have launched a series of salvos against English faculty members and the entire institution.


U. Nebraska changes role of faculty and students in high-level searches

Should faculty members have less influence in searches for system administrators than they do at the campus level? The University of Nebraska's Board of Regents thinks so.

Nebraska project aims to revive depopulating rural areas

A new U. of Nebraska institute aims to reinvigorate depopulating rural areas in its state. Organizers think the project could have broader applications as land-grant universities seek a new role in rural America.

Stem cell research, expanded under Obama, moves to the state sphere

Perhaps signaling that the debate over human embryonic stem cell research has shifted from the federal level to states, the science is again making headlines in Michigan and Nebraska.


Colleges react to pest and disease outbreaks

With pest and disease outbreaks on the rise, colleges balance public health and privacy.


Nebraska Regent Ousted

State Supreme Court finds that he violated campaign finance laws.

Freedom From the Press?

U. of Nebraska-Lincoln denies student newspaper direct access to administrators following reporters' numerous Freedom of Information Act requests.

Security Threat or Political Threat?

U. of Nebraska blocks visit by William Ayers, a professor McCain campaign can't stop talking about. University cites safety, but some are dubious and see threat to academic freedom.


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