New presidents

Searching for a meaningful response from college leaders to the killing of George Floyd

Many higher education leaders called for change in response to the killing of George Floyd, but few shared ideas on how to enact it. Observers want them to do more.


Fears about athletics, sexual violence and transparency abound as Michigan State names new president

Michigan State names a new chief executive in wake of Larry Nassar scandal. But some on campus worry whether the new leader will address issues of sexual violence in big-time athletics.


UNC Chapel Hill interim chancellor appointment dredges up questions about academic freedom and sports ties

A scheduling fight over a controversial class on college athletics is back in the spotlight because one key player is now Chapel Hill's interim chancellor.


Oklahoma City University's next president is a former trustee and energy executive

Oklahoma City University raised eyebrows when it picked a trustee and search committee member as its next president. But nontraditional presidents are common in the state.


Top administrators at Texas A&M asked to submit resignation letters to new president

Texas A&M system chancellor asks top officials at flagship campus to submit letters of resignation before a new president starts. He says he's helping the new leader, but critics aren't sure.


Purdue's president and faculty clash over student learning assessment

Purdue's politician turned president wants a nationally normed measure of what students learn -- and he's tired of waiting. Professors want meaningful assessment but aren't sold on standardized exams.


New presidents or provosts Alfred State Idaho Penn St. Brandywine St. Francis SMSU Southern Utah Florida

  • Marshall Criser III, president of AT&T Florida, has been appointed as chancellor of the State University System of Florida.
  • Bill Eddleman, vice provost and dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Southeast Missouri State University, has been promoted to provost there.

Catholic colleges worry as number of female presidents falls

For decades, female presidents led the majority of Catholic colleges. But as women leaders have gained ground elsewhere, at Catholic colleges, they’re disappearing.


College presidents are older, whiter, more likely to come from outside academe

Study shows sharp upturn in proportion of campus leaders older than 61 and those coming from outside higher ed -- and continued dominance of white men.


Wittenberg President Makes Rare Jump to Two-Year College Presidency

The president of a private liberal arts university takes the helm at a community college. It's a rare career move, but the two institutions -- and the two jobs -- have a lot in common.



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