New York City

As a new fiscal year approaches, who will fund CUNY's senior colleges?

Governor Cuomo wants to stop funding one-third of CUNY four-year colleges' budget. Where will the money come from?


Renaming of NYU's engineering school after donors irks some students and faculty

Controversies at NYU and Paul Smith's College point to the potential downsides of agreeing to change a name for a large gift.


Cathy Davidson's new big idea

Cathy Davidson’s no stranger to big ideas. But her latest project at CUNY Graduate Center might just be her biggest yet.


New York University vote of no confidence raises debate about ambitions and governance models

A vote against NYU’s president raises questions about the university’s local and global ambitions, as well as whether the traditional structure of shared governance can survive rapid changes in higher education.


CUNY faculty sue to block new core curriculum

Faculty groups at CUNY sue to fight general education requirements, saying graduation rate obsession will lead to weaker academic rigor.

Cornell poised to win New York City competiton after Stanford withdraws

Cornell is expected to be named today as winner of New York City competition. On Friday, the university announced $350 million gift for effort just after Stanford withdrew.


CUNY Wipes Out Debts to the System for at Least 50,000 Students

New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday the CUNY Comeback Program, an effort that will clear up to $125 million in student debt owed to the City University of New York system.

The initiative, approved in a July 6 meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees, is expected to wipe out the balances of at least 50,000 students using federal COVID-19 relief funds. The average student debt balance to the system is about $2,000.

CUNY chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez called the program a “landmark measure” that will “enhance CUNY’s important contributions to New York’s economic recovery.”

“CUNY students showed their great resilience in the face of the immeasurable hardships they faced over the past 16 months, from employment and income loss to food and housing insecurity, amid an unprecedented health crisis that brought sickness and tragedy to thousands of New York families,” he said in a press release. “This compassionate action will allow CUNY students and recent graduates to move ahead in pursuit of their educational and career objectives without the specter of unpaid tuition and fees.”

The release noted that during the pandemic, student debt owed to the university system nearly doubled.

Students and graduates are eligible for debt relief if they were enrolled at a CUNY institution from March 13, 2020, through the spring 2021 semester. Unpaid balances to the system from spring, summer and fall 2020 and spring 2021 will be wiped clean.

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CUNY expands student success programs and helps to export them

Armed with promising results, CUNY is expanding ASAP and other student success experiments while helping to export them to colleges outside the system.


CUNY initiative sees early success in remedial education

Early results for a study of CUNY Start program finds students outperform their peers in developmental courses.


Former CUNY official on her book about the Pathways program

Alexandra Logue, the City University of New York’s former chief academic officer, discusses her new book on Pathways, the system’s ambitious and controversial credit transfer program.



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