North Carolina

Chapel Hill chancellor's departure comes as tensions at UNC continue boiling over

Carol Folt announces she has ordered removal of Confederate plaques and that she is stepping down. System board leader criticizes her actions.

Some Calif. community colleges skip free college because of required participation in federal loan program

Some California community colleges are turning down state money for free tuition to avoid participating in the federal loan program.

UNC System power dynamics on display this summer

Implosion of Western Carolina University chancellor search once again exposes deeper struggle at UNC System, with many fearing that political interests are overtaking academic issues.

North Carolina governor joins chorus of Republicans critical of liberal arts

North Carolina governor becomes the latest Republican to question the value of liberal arts, push more vocational training and target the state's flagship.

N.C.'s community colleges big green jobs curriculum shift

North Carolina's community colleges go big on curriculum tweaks for green jobs training, showing what a strong system office can do.

Arizona proposal latest to object to subsidizing others' educations


Proposals in Arizona and two other states show a reluctance to subsidize the higher education of others, and question a longstanding practice of using aid to improve access.

Silent Sam Settlement Voided

A judge on Wednesday voided a settlement between the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, according to The News & Observer.

The college had agreed to pay $2.5 million and hand over the Silent Sam Confederate monument to the organization, but Orange County Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour at a hearing said the Sons of Confederate Veterans didn't have legal standing to bring the lawsuit.

The statue in the middle of the dispute once stood at the heart of the college's campus, until it was illegally torn down by protesters in August 2018. The Sons of Confederate Veterans sued the college for failing to restore the statue. The University of North Carolina Board of Governors approved a settlement this past December with the organization, saying it would hand over ownership of the statue and pay the $2.5 million.

The deal was condemned by faculty and students, who worried the group would spend the money to promote violence and white supremacy, although the Confederate organization has denied any ties to white supremacist groups. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation pulled $1.5 million in grant funds from the college after the decision was made.

Five students and a faculty member attempted to intervene to stop the lawsuit. While Baddour denied their motion to intervene, he scheduled a hearing to discuss the Sons of Confederate Veterans' rights in the original settlement.

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East Carolina trustees reprimanded over student election meddling

Two East Carolina trustees accused of meddling in student government elections. One has been censured, and the other has resigned.

Trustee Controversy at East Carolina University

Members of the Board of Trustees at East Carolina University are under fire after public documents show they tried to influence a student election, according to local TV news station WITN.

WITN obtained a complaint from the board's chair, vice chair and secretary saying that two trustees -- Phil Lewis and Robbie Moore -- asked a student to run for Student Government Association president. The association's president serves as a voting member of the university's board.

Now, three trustees have asked the University of North Carolina system's Governance Committee to recommend that Lewis and Moore be removed from the university's board. The committee plans to meet soon to discuss the allegations.

According to the complaint, the two trustees met with the student, who recorded the conversation. The board's leaders claim the two trustees intended for the student to join them and other trustees to reach a seven-member majority on votes to push their agenda. One objective was to elect a new chair for the board.

Apparently, Lewis and Moore promised "substantial support" to the student's campaign as long as the financial contributions were kept confidential. This would have violated the University of North Carolina system's policy, according to WITN.

Moore has since asked that the board's chair be removed as well.

In a letter to the Governance Committee chair, Lewis and Moore said the meeting with the student was done "with the best intentions of furthering the higher interests of the University. In hindsight, and upon further reflection, we now appreciate that the discussions during the meeting may not have been the best approach to governance at ECU," according to WITN.

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UNC system issues cease-and-desist letters to investigator with ties to board members

University of North Carolina system's top lawyer issues cease-and-desist letter to outside lawyer said to be representing some of its board members.


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