Online instructors can learn from new openly licensed materials

Some online instructors use open educational resources to help students connect to the learning material. Now those instructors can turn to OER for their own edification, thanks to a new set of openly licensed materials aimed at helping instructors construct online classes.

OER guide aims to make adoption easier

Lumen Learning released yesterday an OER Champion Playbook that offers a road map for supporters of open course materials to promote successful adoption on campus.

The playbook has five sections:

Department of Education sets September date for one to three OER grants from $5 million appropriation

After a few quiet months, the Department of Education has formalized plans to award one to three OER grants totaling $5 million by late September.

Students lead curation of OER materials for professors at College of the Canyons

Professors at California community college submit requests for OER materials to a team of students and recent graduates, who set to work on curation.

Two-year institutions report significant savings on OER as initiatives mature

A high-profile affordable textbook program wraps up in Arizona having doubled its original goal, and other institutions share similar successes.

Education Department sets timeline for $5 million OER pilot

The U.S. Department of Education is moving forward this summer on a $5 million program for the creation and development of OER.

OER mandate overturned in Hawaii amid concern about infringement of academic freedom

Legislators rewrite bill that originally required use of freely accessible educational materials, amid criticism that legislation would have infringed academic freedom and harmed, not helped, the open-access movement.

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