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Noodle, online degree enabler, buys parts of HotChalk, a former competitor

The online program management company buys assets of HotChalk, another OPM, whose biggest client, Concordia Portland, closed early this year.

The power of active learning during remote instruction

New study shows student learning suffered during the switch to remote instruction last spring, but that small group activities helped reduce this loss.

Ed-tech veterans launch Zoom challenger Engageli


Ed-tech start-up Engageli has raised $14.5 million to build a videoconferencing platform. Unlike Zoom, the platform has been purposefully designed with college and university faculty members and students in mind.

Working adults increasingly interested in postsecondary education but more skeptical about its value

Working adults increasingly are interested in pursuing postsecondary education, but they are also less confident about the value of college.

Unpacking the University of Arizona’s deal with Ashford

Despite millions in guaranteed revenue, experts agree establishing the University of Arizona Global Campus will not be risk-free for Arizona.

Questions for Kevin Carey about his proposal for a broad restructuring of higher education

Kevin Carey answers questions about his proposal to reshape higher education with a new federal subsidy tied to requirements for participating colleges to join uniform pricing and credit-transfer systems.

Interest spikes in short-term, online credentials. Will it be sustained?

Interest is growing in short-term, online credentials amid the pandemic. Will they become viable alternative pathways to well-paying jobs?

Teaching this fall is not 'glorified Skype'


Faculty members say they’re working harder than ever to meet students’ needs through remote instruction, even if critics of the model don’t know it.

Zoom went down on the first day of class

A five-hour disruption raises hackles and questions about contingency planning for technical problems in the age of social distancing. Said one university administrator, "2020 is a year of whatever can go wrong, has."

COVID-19's impact on for-profit colleges still murky as second-quarter earnings arrive

Some for-profit colleges reported increased profitability and modest enrollment gains as the economy crashed in the second quarter, but it's still not clear whether the current pandemic and recession will turn around the fortunes of a sector that had been struggling.


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