U. of Oregon president ousted in power struggle with state board

State board's planned ouster of U. of Oregon president inflames the university's supporters, in latest clash between interests of flagships and systems.


Scarlet Letter

New law in Oregon will force people with unlicensed degrees to raise a red flag to potential employers.

Barriers to a 'Seamless' K-16 System

Most of the action in American educational policy happens in the states. Their governments are primarily responsible for elementary and secondary education, and the vast majority of students in the United States attend public institutions that are also funded and governed primarily at the state level. So any efforts to improve the interaction between the public schools system and higher education, and to ease the transition of students from one to another to ensure their academic success, will live and die largely at the state level.

Cut Off and Quickly Restored

Federal agency suspends funds for a controversial logging study, citing concerns over lobbying, then reverses itself.

Be Polite, E-Polite

Some professors respond to publicity about students' online demands by setting out some rules.

Standing Up to Bill O'Reilly

Many a guest has Bill O’Reilly intimidated with his verbal jab-hook-uppercut combos.

Dave Frohnmayer, president of the University of Oregon, however, was neither a guest nor intimidated.

Heat Wave Heralds Climate Scientists

Record temperatures send the news media and the public in search of global warming answers.

A New Way for Need-Based Aid

By requiring student contribution, Oregon aims to expand college grants for low-income students without alienating middle class.

Stumbling Upon Secure Data

Journalism adviser at Western Oregon University loses her job for how student newspaper staffers responded after finding file full of Social Security numbers -- on a public server.

Are Museums Academic Units?

U. of Oregon faculty oppose the transfer of authority over art museum from the provost to the advancement office -- raising questions about a university museum's mission.


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