Who Gets How Much Money and Where It Goes

In the name of transparency, Oregon State tracks every financial transaction across the university -- online.

Watching a Watchdog's Words

Alan Contreras is an increasing rarity these days: a knowledgeable public official who says what he thinks without worrying too much about whom he offends. That trait has him in a scrape over free speech with his superiors in Oregon's state government. And while they backed away Thursday from the action that had most troubled him, Contreras isn't backing down from the fight.

New Challenge to Gun Limits on Campuses

Suspension of student at Western Oregon U. leads to calls to end firearms ban at colleges and universities in the state.

Taxing Relationships

Colleges and businesses often work together, but they’re not always allies on tax policy. A downward economy could test their ties.

Wins for Higher Ed in 2 State Votes

On a primary election day in which anti-tax, anti-government sentiment was strong nationally, public colleges and universities in Arizona and Oregon won key victories.

Cancellation Won't End Dispute

Oregon’s Lane Community College is embroiled in controversy after administrators there canceled a noncredit course on Islam just as concerns about its instructor were made public last week. Now, both sides could be heading for a lawsuit.

To Library, or Not to Library

In age of expansion, community colleges debate whether branch campuses need reference and technology collections.

Green Ideas

One college breaks ground on a massive geothermal system, another boasts a new park in an unexpected location and a third has a new green bus (literally) on the road.

Agreement in Oregon (for Now)

In accord with governor, U. of Oregon delays push for autonomy, but clash over governance remains in the offing.


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