Outside Help on the Way?

With Rutgers planning to drop six "Olympic" sports teams from varsity status, lawmakers consider stepping in.

Feeling Squeezed

New survey finds most Americans believe tuition shouldn't bar qualified students from a college education, as anxieties about price mount.

Giving New Meaning to 'Program for Parents'

Many community colleges have programs for parents -- policies and tools for helping adult students balance child care and other demands of being a parent with the expectations of being a college student.

Parental Involvement Wanted

Most students approve of the role Mom and Dad are playing in college choices -- and minority freshmen are more likely than white counterparts to want even more guidance.

Making a Pact

Mercy College of New York begins a program to give each undergraduate a single mentor to provide personal attention from admission all the way through graduation.

Students Missing in Health Plans

Legislation moving through Congress seems to forget college students in its provisions.

'Parenting Out of Control'

Discussion of -- and complaints about -- the rise of "helicopter parents," whose involvement in their children's lives lies somewhere between excessive and obsessive, has reached a fever pitch over the past few years.

'The iConnected Parent'

With the start of a new academic year -- and a new crop of freshmen leaving home for the first time -- comes the now-inevitable round of articles about the parents who have a little too much trouble letting go (nor does Inside Higher Ed

Worried About Retirement

Should colleges and their employees be doing more to encourage savings and better-informed planning?

Kids Are All Right

Endicott College expands successful single-parent program, with embrace by Eastern Michigan U. and soon two others.


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