More institutions are suspending or cutting retirement plan contributions

Colleges and universities are increasingly suspending or trimming employee retirement plan contributions to battle budget deficits.

Professor pay is flat -- again

Academic work is harder than ever, but professor pay was static year over year and probably won't be improving any time soon, according to the AAUP's annual salary report. Usual suspects offer biggest salaries.

Professor loses sex discrimination case over her pay but vows to fight on


A professor's department found she was paid less than men were, unfairly, for failing to go out and get other offers. A judge said that didn't matter.

AAUP study finds small gains in faculty salaries, offset by inflation

AAUP study finds small gains in faculty salaries, offset by inflation, for the third year in a row. View lists of the colleges with the highest salaries. Plus our exclusive database of the AAUP data.

Full-time faculty members saw an overall median salary increase of about 1.7 percent within the past year


Hottest field for new faculty hires over the past year is health professions, as some 1,410 new assistant professors picked up jobs, according to new data from CUPA-HR.

U of Arizona is being sued once again for alleged discrimination against women in terms of salary and promotions

U of Arizona is sued over alleged discrimination against female faculty members in pay and promotions. This suit follows one by female deans.

AAUP's annual report on faculty compensation takes on salary compression and more

AAUP's annual report on faculty compensation takes on salary compression, gender inequality and more. Explore our exclusive database of AAUP faculty pay at 1,000 institutions.

New data show wage gap between professors and other advanced degree holders

Faculty members earn 15 percent less than others with advanced degrees, study finds. They work equally long hours.

Study explores how universities deploy faculty and link to professors' pay

Study suggests that number of students taught has relatively little to do with faculty salaries, but that universities act efficiently in allocating resources to teaching and research.

Annual AAUP salary survey says professor pay is up 3.4%

Professor pay was up 3.4 percent this year, according to AAUP's annual faculty salary survey.


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