Navigating the Health Care Maze

In response to new law, colleges have a host of decisions -- some potentially expensive -- to make about the future of coverage for employees.

Next Generation Profs

Even in down economy, University of Virginia finds clever way to hire cadre of promising faculty who will replace retiring longtime professors.

A Shop Divided

Furor over outspoken adjunct's testimony in Washington highlights rift between tenured and contingent faculty.

Punching In at Kean U.

University with a history of tensions with its faculty has started requiring professors to file time sheets.

Private Gains, Public Stagnation

For second year in a row, median gain in faculty salaries at state colleges and universities is zero.

Rallying Back

Higher education union leaders vow to fight on, despite crushing losses in states.

The Enduring Gender Gap in Pay

Female faculty members earn 6.9% less than male colleagues, even after accounting for most of the factors cited in the past to explain discrepancies.

Losing Ground on Salaries

Average increase for professors in 2010-11 will fall short of inflation; gaps grow between public and private institutions.


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