McMaster U addresses gender pay gap with $3,500 raises to female faculty members

McMaster U addresses gender pay gap by giving $3,500 raises to female faculty members. 


AAUP: Full-time faculty salaries up 2.2 percent this year


Faculty pay is up 2.2. percent, or 1.4 percent adjusted for inflation, new A.A.U.P. survey finds. Despite modest gains, association says professor pay can't be blamed for tuition hikes. Searchable database by institution available exclusively here.


University ties money for salary decompression to successful retention growth

Faculty and administrators are pleased with Coastal Carolina U. program that links salary decompression with increased student retention.

UW-Madison chancellor comes under fire for comments about how she matches outside faculty offers

UW-Madison chancellor comes under fire for recently admitting she matches outside faculty offers with course load reductions. Is there anything wrong with the practice?


Berkeley tries to track and address salary gaps among professors


A Berkeley analysis of disparities by race and gender in faculty salaries raises key questions: Which gaps matter? Why do gaps vary? What can be done to eliminate them?


Study: Tenure-track professors saw 2.1% average raise this year

Study finds 2.1% median increase for tenure-track faculty members in 2013-14, with those at public institutions enjoying slightly larger hikes than those at privates. Disciplinary gaps remain significant.

College work forces grew but not as fast as enrollment

Study documents that growth in higher ed hiring in recent years has failed to keep pace with enrollment increases, and challenges idea that tuition increases can be blamed on professors' pay.

Australian university employees weigh plan to tie raises to institutional performance


Employees at an Australian university will vote this week on a proposal to tie their raises to the university's financial results, with a bonus pool possible.


Eastern Washington U. adopts a market approach to faculty raises

Eastern Washington U. and its faculty union agree to base professors' raises on how much above or below the market they are in their disciplines.


Wisconsin Stevens Point struggles with high faculty turnover due to low salaries

As Ph.D.s across the country look for jobs, some professor slots at regional universities outside of major cities go unfilled due to low salaries. U. of Wisconsin at Stevens Point illustrates the challenges.




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