GASB changes could upset university finances

A change in pension accounting metrics could upend university balance sheets, threatening everything from accreditation to federal financial aid.

Study finds that those who stop the tenure clock earn less than those who don't

Study finds faculty members who use the benefit are more likely than others to earn tenure -- but may end up earning less than comparable colleagues who don't. The biggest salary impact is on men.

Argosy University cuts adjunct pay for online courses

Argosy University cuts pay rate for online adjuncts, giving a rarely seen glimpse at adjunct pay and raising questions about how for-profits stack up on salaries.

AAUP releases faculty salary data

Faculty salaries lag inflation, new report from AAUP finds. Gains are larger at private than at public institutions.

Faculty bonus pay linked to student success at City Colleges of Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago and union representing adult education instructors agree to bonus pay based on student performance.

New study analyzes how faculty pay compares worldwide


First-of-its-kind analysis compares purchasing power of professors at public universities in 28 countries. U.S. is topped by (in order) Canada, Italy, South Africa and India.

Debate over "overload" pay for professors

Does it make sense for colleges that can't create new faculty lines to pay current professors more money to teach extra sections?

Oregon says professor must drop her pay discrimination claims if she wants to retire

A longtime professor wants to retire. Her university says she has to drop her pay-based gender discrimination suit first.

In attempt to get pay parity, Portland Community College's union contract leads to cuts for some

Part-time faculty at Portland Community College in Oregon are upset after changes to create pay parity unintentionally resulted in pay cuts for some.

Five female professors sue Rutgers, saying pay equity program is stalled


Five female professors sue Rutgers, saying the university hasn't delivered on its new salary equity adjustment program despite demonstrated disparities.


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