Wake Tech introduces faculty ranks

In an unusual move for a community college, Wake Tech is offering some faculty traditional professor ranks -- and raises.

Essay calling for the end to counteroffer strategies in academic hiring

It's time for professors to stop seeking jobs when the only purpose is getting a raise at their current place of employment, writes Heather Dubrow. And it's time for departments to stop rewarding such tactics.

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Faculty groups in California disagree on whether a proposed overload law would limit the practice or promote it


Would legislating a limit on faculty overtime result in more professors reaching the limit -- and reducing spots for adjuncts? California faculty groups square off over the question.

Some Nevada faculty question state's decision to reinstate merit pay without ending furloughs

Nevada faculty members want to know why the state is restoring bonus pay for some while requiring all professors to take 6 days of unpaid leave a year.

Universities spend more on professor than coach salaries, study says

New study says universities actually spend more per professor on salaries than they do per coach, and that high athletic salaries derive from funds that don't come from the state or institution.

College offers health insurance coverage to some adjuncts ahead of new regulations

While other colleges have cut adjuncts' hours to avoid insurance mandates ahead of the Affordable Care Act taking effect, College of DuPage is offering some adjuncts coverage under a new "lecturer" designation.

Between paychecks, Kalamazoo community college part-timers' union starts food drive

Part-time faculty at a Michigan community college bridge the longer-than-usual gap between paychecks with a food drive supported by other campus faculty.

Adjuncts from across the Washington region plan to unionize to fight 'market problem'

Seeing strength in numbers, adjunct faculty from across the Washington, D.C. region hope to form a metropolitan union to fight for equity in pay, benefits and more.

Youngstown State limits adjunct hours

Youngstown State limits part-timers' hours to avoid requirements of new health care law.


Essay on what new faculty members need to know about salaries

Tyro Tracts

Graduate students and new faculty members need to know more about how compensation works, writes Nate Kreuter.

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