GASB changes could upset university finances

A change in pension accounting metrics could upend university balance sheets, threatening everything from accreditation to federal financial aid.

Don't Call Them Fuddy Duddies

A predicted wave of retirements of tenured faculty is presenting colleges with opportunities and practical and programmatic concerns -- as well as legal considerations, according to a report released today by the American Council on Education.

TIAA-CREF Gets Social

For first time, pension company hires official to oversee socially conscious investing.

TIAA-CREF Dumps Foreign Colleges

Pension giant infuriates American institutions abroad by telling them it doesn't want their business.

Not So Complete Divestment

Harvard got lots of good press for promising to sell its Sudan stocks, but its endowment may still include such holdings.

Rating the TIAA-CREF Returns

Pension giant disputes critique of its performance, but even critics of findings say study raises key issues for colleges and employees.

Encouraging Faculty Retirements

More colleges offer incentives for tenured professors to end careers -- sometimes through gradual shift away from full-time work, report finds.

TIAA-CREF Corrects Thousands of Incorrect Statements

Nobody lost money, but some pension holders report confusion over mistakes and how they were handled.

IRS Issues Rules for Defined Contribution Plans

Federal regulations for 403(b) retirement programs will increase requirements on colleges and other employers that offer them.

A Satisfied Full-Time Faculty

National survey of 4-year-college professors finds that they are happier with their jobs than other Americans are with theirs -- but some areas of dissatisfaction jump out.


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