Did Peter Singer Back Animal Research?

No, but the intellectual father of animal rights admitted the possibility that some experiments might be justified.

Stanford's New Grants for the Humanities

Winning research support is tough for faculty members in all disciplines -- and makes or breaks careers, especially at research universities. For those in the sciences, competition from many federal agencies has grown more intense in recent years, but there are still billions given out annually and even relatively junior professors can hope to land grants of significant size.

A University Without Physics and Philosophy?

Indiana State, citing accreditor's demand to end low-enrollment programs, draws criticism with its recommended choices.

Philosophical Questions

William & Mary imposes outside chair on department. Is the college protecting junior faculty or punishing dissent?

Inspired by Aquinas

Political scientist gets ready to end long career at Marquette to start a new university dedicated to the ideas of the 13th century thinker.

Philosophy and Sexism

Essay prompts debate over paucity of women in top departments and in the pages of top journals.

The Platonic Ideal of Perfection

A philosophy professor at McGill University requires a perfect score to continue class on Plato -- and students complain. Prisoners chained in a cave?

Looking Back on 60 Years in Academe

Retired philosopher and Pittsburgh provost Rudolph Weingartner's book examines liberal education, the life of the student and the nature of teaching.

Unusual Job Requirement

Philosophers consider implications of requiring applicants to be members of Phi Beta Kappa.

Upgrading to Philosophy 2.0

Philosophers discuss how to adopt technologies that could improve individualized instruction and upend the way scholars publish their work.


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