Winning Hearts and Minds in War on Plagiarism

To many writing instructors, going nuclear (expulsion threats) or high tech (detection software) have failed to stop cheating. So they aim for small victories, through new approaches to teaching about academic integrity.

Buying Its Way Onto the Program? wants to pay for instructors to apply to present at scholarly meetings -- and talk about how successful its services are.

Cite Check

A scholarly paper finds that a significant proportion of academic citations are faulty, suggesting that many researchers don't read the articles they reference.

Missing Attribution in Controversial Book

Amid criticism, Penn Press says author of much-discussed work on terror networks will in the future formally acknowledge two sources absent in current edition.

Arrivederci, Tenure

Italian professor at Wesleyan U. solves a 500-year-old murder mystery but, after receiving faculty backing, can't figure out why he was denied tenure.

Vigilante Justice on Plagiarism

At Texas A&M International, an instructor told students he would fail and publicly humiliate them if they engaged in academic dishonesty. They did and he did -- so the university fired him.

Professor Wins Chance to Clear Name

Appeals court says Ohio U. officials must defend decision to strip graduate rank from an engineering faculty member and give him a public hearing; case emerged from plagiarism controversy.

A President Retires, and Plagiarism Probe Ends

University of Texas announces that no purpose would be served by looking into allegations that raised questions about the dissertation of the leader of the Pan American campus.

It's Culture, Not Morality

What if everything you learned about fighting plagiarism was doomed to failure? Computer software, threats on the syllabus, pledges of zero tolerance, honor codes -- what if all the popular strategies don't much matter? And what if all of that anger you feel -- as you catch students clearly submitting work they didn't write -- is clouding your judgment and making it more difficult to promote academic integrity?

False Positives on Plagiarism

Texas Tech writing experts compare services designed to catch cheaters -- and find problems with the results. Attendees at composition meeting also discuss Turnitin's payments to some presenting papers about Turnitin.


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