Political science

Scholarly Archive or Ideological Center?

Reports on Bush ambitions for presidential library have SMU professors doubting the university should push to be host.

History vs. Hagiography

Bush institute at SMU would report to Bush foundation, not the university. Does that protect academic interests, or endanger them?

Shooting the Messenger

Harvard scholar documents costs of caring for soldiers hurt in Iraq, and Pentagon reacts -- by attacking researcher and changing U.S. Web sites.

Broadening the Bush Library Debate

Archivists see dispute at SMU as chance to focus attention on whether presidential libraries are losing access to key documents.

Bill Advances to Reverse Bush on Documents

Full House of Representatives could vote soon to overturn executive order historians and archivists say has hindered research.

New Approach to International Education

Major improvements sought in federal programs to promote foreign languages and area studies.

Furor Over Norm Finkelstein

DePaul professor known for attacks on Israel and "Holocaust industry" wins faculty backing for tenure, but dean opposes promotion.

Putting the Soul Back in Science

Harvey Mansfield comes to Washington to give the Jefferson Lecture and to talk to Inside Higher Ed in a podcast interview.

DePaul Rejects Finkelstein

Tenure case enmeshed in Middle East debates also raises issues about collegiality and departmental authority.

Who Gets Credit?

Political scientists join other disciplines in considering how to be sure scholars are treated fairly when they collaborate.


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