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Who will be Biden's education secretary?

Whom will the president-elect pick for the top higher education position?

What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

President-elect has vowed to spend much more. The vice president-elect is an HBCU graduate and supporter. The next first lady is a community college instructor.

Voters decide measures to change higher ed boards in two states

Voters in North Dakota rejected a measure to increase the size of the state's higher education governing board, but the fate of a measure to change Nevada's board was up in the air.

Liberty University's Falkirk think tank pushed the boundaries on political messaging, but nonprofit restrictions remain murky

A Liberty University think tank pushed the boundaries on political advertising and messaging this year.

What a second Trump term would bring higher education

There are Republican ideas to pursue, but most say they don't know what to expect -- except for more attacks on elite institutions.

Higher education workers gave five times as much to Biden as to Trump

According to an Inside Higher Ed analysis of federal elections data, employees at colleges and universities have donated five times as much to Joe Biden as to Donald Trump.

How political can a college president be?

Paul LeBlanc, Southern New Hampshire's president, endorsed a presidential candidate. He and Jerry Falwell Jr. talk about how political a university leader can be.

2020 In-and-Out List

A look at what happened in 2019 and what’s to come in 2020 with Inside Higher Ed’s eighth annual in-and-out list.

Majority of Republicans have negative view of higher ed, Pew finds

Pew survey finds majority of Republicans continue to hold negative views of impact of higher ed -- a development that began before the election of President Trump.

Elizabeth Warren has been criticized and praised for sounding like a professor

Elizabeth Warren has been criticized and praised for sounding like a professor -- which she is. How will her academic chops influence her presidential run?


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