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Calls mount for SUNY chancellor to resign amid text scandal

Jim Malatras has repeatedly faced criticism for his work with the Cuomo administration. Old text messages that show him mocking a former Cuomo aide have prompted demands for his ouster.


John Eastman and his institute withdraw from meeting

John Eastman, legal architect of “Stop the Steal,” and Claremont Institute pull out of political science meeting after their panels were moved online. The group threatens legal action, but many political scientists say Eastman has no place among them.


President resigns in town-gown dispute over white supremacy comments

W. Joseph King described Lyon as a bubble “of inclusion and diversity surrounded by a sea of angry, disenfranchised populations and a large white-supremacist population.” He’s now out of a job.


Some Purdue professors say the university is unilaterally pursuing a civics requirement


Some professors say the university is pursuing a civics literacy requirement against the will of the faculty and in so doing giving students the wrong message.


Open legislative season on the faculty in Iowa and elsewhere

It's a jungle out there for faculty members this legislative session, with state bills banning certain courses and content and, in Iowa, seeking to survey faculty members on their political beliefs.


Political science association apologizes for 'both sides' statement

Political science association apologizes for its "both sides" statement on the Capitol mobbing.


Who will be Biden's education secretary?

Whom will the president-elect pick for the top higher education position?


What Biden presidency could bring for higher education

President-elect has vowed to spend much more. The vice president-elect is an HBCU graduate and supporter. The next first lady is a community college instructor.


Voters decide measures to change higher ed boards in two states

Voters in North Dakota rejected a measure to increase the size of the state's higher education governing board, but the fate of a measure to change Nevada's board was up in the air.


Liberty University's Falkirk think tank pushed the boundaries on political messaging, but nonprofit restrictions remain murky

A Liberty University think tank pushed the boundaries on political advertising and messaging this year.



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