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Elizabeth Warren has been criticized and praised for sounding like a professor

Elizabeth Warren has been criticized and praised for sounding like a professor -- which she is. How will her academic chops influence her presidential run?

Michigan adopts new policy after controversy over students turned down for letters of recommendation

After controversy over professor who turned down student request for a recommendation because she planned to study in Israel, Michigan says faculty members should base such decisions "solely on educational and professional reasons," not on politics.

UNC, Michigan State show how partisan politics is infiltrating university governance

As disputes at North Carolina and Michigan State take partisan overtones, can boards, leaders, faculty members and lawmakers back away from polarization to lead public universities effectively?

Elizabeth Warren and the pressure to justify academic success

Why did Elizabeth Warren divulge her genetic test results, which show she is in fact part Native American, while simultaneously insisting that she's always been evaluated professionally as a white person?

Survey: Most Americans think higher ed is headed in wrong direction

Democrats worry about tuition rates; Republicans say professors bring their politics into the classroom and colleges have excessive concern about shielding students from ideas they find offensive. Older Republicans are the most critical.

UVA professors object to a senior fellowship for high-ranking Trump surrogate

UVA professors object to a senior fellowship for a high-ranking Trump surrogate who has defended the president's comments on the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville.

Survey gauges belief in colleges' contribution to the public good

Survey finds broad support for government funding of colleges, and recognition of value for society as well as individuals.

Cynthia Nixon taps free college debates with plans to change Cuomo's Excelsior Scholarship

Long-shot gubernatorial challenger Cynthia Nixon takes aim at New York's free tuition program, calling for a lower income limit, less stringent credit requirements and a first-dollar program.

Public expresses more confidence in 'higher education' than in 'colleges or universities'

Gallup survey finds that Americans believe more in "higher education" than in "colleges and universities." Poll also drives home that skepticism is deepest among white men without degrees.

Trump calls for converting community colleges to vocational schools

President Trump wants to see community colleges change names and shift focus to more job training, which two-year college leaders say they already do.


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