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Trump proposes "extreme vetting" and an ideological test for visas

Republican candidate proposes a system for admittance to U.S. that critics say violates American and academic principles.

Confusion surrounds student voting effort linked to White House


A new initiative designed to challenge colleges to get students involved in the democratic process is questioned for perceived ties to the White House.

For Arkansas single parents, a scholarship that helps pay for living expenses


As a model for a federal initiative, she points to a program she helped start in Arkansas.

Pro-Trump chalkings inflame many campuses


Pro-Trump chalkings and graffiti spread to dozens of campuses, in many cases accompanied by comments about immigrants or Muslims, and set off debates about free speech and tolerance.

Senate education panel seems poised to confirm Obama education secretary nominee

In a confirmation hearing, the Senate education committee seemed confident that John B. King Jr. would be approved as education secretary.

Professor, a top Trump aide, describes his role, the plan to keep Muslims out and a coming higher ed agenda


National co-chair of campaign discusses his role, proposal about Muslims and how it would affect international students, and coming "revolutionary" plan for higher education.

Survey finds support by college presidents for free tuition plans

Survey finds half of college presidents back or somewhat back idea of federal infusion of funds to allow two free years of public higher education. Support exceeds two-thirds at public institutions but is less than one-third at private colleges.

In appeal to college supporters, political campaigns show lack of knowledge of university policy


In their rush to recruit student volunteers, political campaigns may inadvertently ask faculty members to violate college and university policies.

Governors races and impact on higher education

Winners include some whose views on public colleges have been controversial and others whose views have won widespread praise.

Survey suggests politicians overstate public's desire for vocational view of higher ed

Seeking to gauge how to rebuild public support for higher ed, survey project finds that Americans have less vocational view of college than their leaders do.


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