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The Conservative Pipeline Problem

Study suggests that the lack of ideological diversity among professors can be traced in part to reasons (other than bias) why right-leaning undergrads don't pursue Ph.D.'s.

Historians Team Up to Back Obama

In unusual move for this stage of a campaign, scholars join those issuing endorsements and trying to rally support.

Voting With Their Mice

Two business school students turn a class project into an Internet startup that lets students poll their own campuses.

Presidential Politics and the Student Vote

Obama, Giuliani have support of 18-24 year olds, who also like idea of a major third-party candidate, twice-yearly survey from Harvard's Institute of Politics shows.

What They Saw in Arkansas

16 years after Bill Clinton, another "education governor" seeks the presidency. A look at the Huckabee record on higher ed.

Standoff Near the Border

Texas-Brownsville refuses to let federal government prepare to build a fence that would separate parts of its campus.

A University President Backs McCain

Public higher ed leaders rarely endorse, especially in primaries, so decision by U. of Florida chief surprises many. But he's not alone in aligning early.

Professors for ... Hoover?

As scholarly groups line up behind presidential candidates in 2008, law journal shows that the academic punditocracy has been around for generations.


One university won't open its doors. Another declines to show a documentary. It isn't personal, but fears over IRS rules and perceived bias are at the heart of recent Obama snubs.

Law Schools Fight Proposed Limit on Judges' Travel

The "good government" movement in Washington has taken aim at fat-cat lobbyists, free spending campaign donors, and earmark producing lawmakers. Its latest target: judge-inviting law schools?


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