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Political scientists see the discipline's historical division across four subareas as hindering their ability to understand Trump's America

Political scientists see the discipline’s historical division across four subareas as hindering their collective ability to understand Trump’s America -- and its future.

Kentucky's governor says universities should think about cutting programs with poor job prospects

Kentucky governor sets off debate -- and nettles some professors -- by suggesting eliminating programs that don't prepare students for good-paying jobs.

New data explain Republican loss of confidence in higher education

New Gallup data show GOP attitudes about academe are based on views of campus politics. Would abandoning the term “liberal arts” change things?

New data point to white working class skepticism of the value of college

Survey of voting bloc that favored Trump finds skepticism about value of higher education.

Academics push back against attorney general's misrepresentation of their study

Attorney general railed against crime in sanctuary cities, citing two professors’ work. But his claims are contrary to their conclusions.

In dramatic shift, most Republicans now say colleges have negative impact

In dramatic shift, more than half of Republicans now say colleges have a negative impact on the U.S., with wealthier, older and more educated Republicans being least positive.

Report indicates first-year students are more politically polarized than ever

Annual survey of first-year college students reveals deep partisan splits.

Communication professor establishes rules with his students on talking about Trump in class

Communication professor establishes ground rules for political conversations with his students in class. Could they be useful to other academics struggling with how to encourage productive conversations about the president, while not losing control of the syllabus?

Trump proposes "extreme vetting" and an ideological test for visas

Republican candidate proposes a system for admittance to U.S. that critics say violates American and academic principles.

Confusion surrounds student voting effort linked to White House


A new initiative designed to challenge colleges to get students involved in the democratic process is questioned for perceived ties to the White House.


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