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Legislator pressure leads North Dakota State to freeze Planned Parenthood grant

North Dakota State U. wins $1.2 million grant for a sex education program, then -- after legislators protest -- says it might be illegal to use the money. Faculty accuse administrators of sacrificing academic freedom.

Higher ed in the Congressional election


Even if college issues haven't been prominent in many races, the outcome -- especially if control of the House or Senate shifts -- could have a big impact.

Next Steps for Harkin and For-Profits

Senator Harkin's two-year investigation of for-profit higher education ends, but the policy battle is far from over. What comes next?

For-profit group's new leader calls for self-regulation and collaboration

Steve Gunderson has plenty of friends, including the Senate's leading critic of for-profit colleges. But the new head of the sector's trade group isn't afraid to pick a fight -- even with one of his members.

Gingrich puts forward higher ed ideas in 2012 campaign

Republican front-runner Newt Gingrich is unique in the field for his academic past -- and for some of the ideas he has put forward.

Faculty opposition ends Republican politician's bid to teach business course

Tom Emmer, who lost race for governor in Minnesota last year, loses shot at teaching spot at Hamline University, too. The reason, he says: his conservative views.

Chapman professor who spoke at Jan. 6 pro-Trump rally retires

Chapman and professor who spoke at Jan. 6 pro-Trump rally break ties amid mounting pressure on university to take action.

Historians and political scientists react to Wednesday's siege on the Capitol

Even seasoned historians and political scientists struggled to digest Wednesday's siege on the Capitol -- then offered scathing critiques of Trump and his extremist supporters and “enablers.”

State voters and higher education

Ballot measures could change the governance of higher education systems in Nevada and North Dakota. And 11 states will elect governors.

Complex laws and a pandemic create obstacles for students seeking to vote

As Election Day approaches, complex laws and the coronavirus pandemic are posing obstacles to voting by college students.


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