Politics (national)

The View From Ground Zero

A day after state voters endorsed a ban on affirmative action, students and others at Michigan consider impact on the campus.

The NCAA Responds

In letter to Congress, association argues that big-time college sports should keep tax-exempt status.

Appointment Roils a Law School

Students and professors at Minnesota’s law school oppose hiring of author of controversial memo on treatment of al-Qaeda detainees.

A Campaign for Antiwar Academics

A group of Vassar College faculty asks colleagues at the college and across the country to financially support a coalition opposing Iraq war.

A Peek Inside ROTC

A war correspondent profiles an Army cadet unit at the University of South Carolina.

Profiling the American Freshman

First-year students are talking politics and becoming less moderate in their views, an annual survey finds.

An In-State Tuition Debate

State by state, leaders consider the thorny question of whether students living there illegally should pay in-state fees.

A Standout Sit-In

U. of Southern California's decisive response to sit-in raises questions about how officials deal with disruptive student tactics.

Higher Ed and 2008

Presidential candidates start offering specific plans, especially on student loans, and groups seek more attention for education issues.

Documentation for the Undocumented?

Immigration reform package would offer path toward permanent legal status to college students lacking residency rights in U.S.


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