Controversial Scholar Cleared to Teach

Citing academic freedom, Wisconsin provost upholds hiring of instructor who says the United States masterminded 9/11 attacks.

Should Academic Left Defend Churchill?

Some professors organize petition drive to help embattled Colorado professor, but others question whether he deserves help.

Prior Restraint on Speech?

Fredonia professor charges he was offered full professorship if he subjected his views to review; university says he distorts sequence of events.

Are You Now or Have You Ever...

Under new Ohio law, some public universities require new professors to sign statement about possible links to terrorist groups.

Fraying of Academic Freedom

Brigham Young places professor on leave over 9/11; Southern Maine shuts exhibit by man who killed police officer; and more incidents.

Political Shocker: Faculty Moderates

New analysis suggests that the biggest trend in professorial politics is a shift to the center in many disciplines.

Uncertain Outcome for Accused Harvard Scholar

University ends its ethics inquiry into Andrei Shleifer, who was charged with defrauding U.S. But was he punished?

Gallaudet Faculty Joins In

Professors urge president-elect to resign and vote “no confidence” in current president and university’s trustees.

9/11 Skeptic Will Leave Post at Brigham Young

Professor whom university stripped of teaching duties reaches agreement to retire early.

Searching for Answers at Gallaudet

As board plans to meet, two sides differ strongly on why president-elect is so vehemently opposed.


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