Oklahoma City University's next president is a former trustee and energy executive

Oklahoma City University raised eyebrows when it picked a trustee and search committee member as its next president. But nontraditional presidents are common in the state.

Lehigh president moves quickly on growth plans


As many Northeastern colleges fear enrollment declines, Lehigh University charts ambitious growth plan including 1,000 additional undergraduates, 100 more faculty members and a new college of health.

Decision on Morehouse president sparks debate

Students protest process and experts decry high turnover at HBCUs as trustees decide not to renew contract of president.

Survey finds gender gap in presidential spouse expectations

Survey finds a quarter of presidents have made decisions on taking or turning down jobs based on spouses' expected role. And study finds that much more remains expected of presidents' wives than presidents' husbands.

Presidents draw fire for postelection comments


Campus leaders face intense scrutiny for what they say or don’t say in this tense period. Some messages that go over well on campus receive considerable criticism as they spread.

Dillard University stands by decision to host debate, even when David Duke is candidate


Historically black Dillard University agreed to be site of Senate debate before it knew the candidates. Despite criticism, the president stood by the decision. Protesters disagreed.

William G. Bowen, former president of Princeton and Mellon Foundation, dies

His presidencies and writings such as The Shape of the River had a significant impact on higher education.

Interest rises in politicians as university presidents


Search processes prove to be a key point of contention as West Florida and Kennesaw State have considered making politicians university presidents.

A look at career of late Haverford president illustrates how college leaders and the times have changed

The bold stances and undercover blue-collar work of a former president who died recently highlight the way the world has changed -- and some ways it hasn't.

Texas A&M Commerce president committed suicide

Texas A&M Commerce originally tried to keep records about its leader's death private but has now opted to be open about the impact of depression. Many presidents say it's a tough issue to discuss.


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