Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success

Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success.

Oberlin Group launches 'platinum' open-access publisher Lever Press

Dozens of liberal arts colleges come together to form Lever Press, a book publishing imprint that promises to be open access for both authors and readers.

Paris attacks reignite debate over university presses' commitment to free speech.

Terrorist attacks in Paris have resurrected a free speech battle between a scholar and Yale U. Press, which removed cartoons about Muhammad from her book.

Librarians and scholars consider the future of the monograph

Professors and librarians consider the advantages of digital, the reluctance of many tenure committees to look beyond print, and the possibility of paying the costs of publishing works by young scholars.

U. of Nebraska Press regains control of one of its most acclaimed books

5 years after SUNY Press raised eyebrows with the way it obtained book rights that had been held by U. of Nebraska Press, the work is returning to the Plains.

Another publisher accuses a librarian of libel

A second librarian's blog becomes the target of a potential lawsuit from a disgruntled publisher.

Timeliness in mind, Princeton press plans to roll out new book in e-chapters

In an attempt to be more timely and relevant, Princeton plans to publish early chapters of forthcoming book on 2012 election in electronic form, free.

University presses consider whether to cancel book contracts of harassers

Scholarly publishing organization is considering the issue, amid calls to do more about those who mistreat students and colleagues but appear to go unpunished. Some contracts have been canceled.

Most popular open-access monographs

As downloads of free scholarly books soar, what's getting read?

University Press of New England will shut down

Operation was once supported by 10 colleges, but of late has been backed only by Brandeis and Dartmouth.


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