First Amendment Furor

University press book sets off debate involving Alan Dershowitz, Arnold Schwarzenegger and charges of plagiarism and anti-Semitism.

New Option for Student Shoppers: E-Books

8 college stores plan to offer electronic texts this fall, but will they sell?

Pressure Prompts Publisher to Punt

Criticism of chapter on pederasty leads scholarly press to drop book on same-sex love in Greco-Roman times.

Publishers Sue Copy Shops for Alleged Infringement

Boston companies charged with producing coursepacks for Northeastern and UMass without adequate permissions.

The King and Yale University Press

Thai government, angry over critical biography of monarch, blocks access to publisher's Web site.

Google's Not-So-Simple Side

Google’s quest to “organize the world’s information” is supposed to make life easier.  But the issues surrounding the company’s book search program have complicated many academics' views of copyright, because they involve many nuances surrounding security, infrastructure and compensation.

The Quest for Crossover Books

At mega-event of publishing world, university presses try to get general readers with books on food, gardening, pets and Hillary Clinton.

New Model for Scholarly Publishing

Rice killed its press a decade ago. Now it will return -- with all materials online, but with peer review system akin to print operations.

Rallying Behind Open Access

Despite opposition from scholarly groups and publishers, provosts of 25 top universities back plan for public databases of research findings.

NEH vs. Historians

Endowment accuses scholarly group of "inaccuracies and distortions" -- while admitting that it changed peer review system.


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