Plagiarism Charge

Tennessee Press suspends sale of new book on Andersonville Prison as author admits inappropriate and uncredited similarities to another work.

Promoting Ethics in Science

Blackwell, publisher of hundreds of journals, issues guide for editors in hope of preventing misconduct and informing readers.

Rallying and Quibbling on Tenure Plan

MLA proposal to change how professors are hired and promoted draws generally strong support -- and some objections on details.

Conflicts Over Textbook Choice

Cases at Miami Dade and UC Davis call into question professors' motivations.

University Presses Take Their Stand

Group tries to outline how open access would affect scholarly publishing -- and pushes to include monographs in the discussion.

A Case Study in Case Studies

Brigham Young's Idaho campus plans to use Harvard Business School's famous curricular method to reform its own curriculum.

The (Crossover) Book Report

As publishers gather, university presses consider which books can attract non-academic audiences.

The Must-Have Iraq Book of 1943 -- and 2007?

University of Chicago Press reissues guide U.S. Army gave soldiers headed for Baghdad in World War II, full of advice that might have helped today.

Ideas to Shake Up Publishing

Unusual study leads to proposals for university presses to collaborate, to broaden definition of "academic publishing," and to build online capabilities.

New Model for University Presses

Rice's unique, online approach takes shape -- in part by collaborating with traditional presses that can't afford to release books they believe have merit.


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