Tenured Jobs Saved

Arbitrator finds Florida State violated contract provisions in eliminating positions -- and university rescinds layoffs.

Next Generation Profs

Even in down economy, University of Virginia finds clever way to hire cadre of promising faculty who will replace retiring longtime professors.

Divide in Britain's Faculty Union

A battle for control of Britain's faculty union, the University and College Union, is under way, as a powerful leftist group plans a leadership challenge following a split over support for student protests.

The turmoil within the organization, which represents about 120,000 higher education staff, is evident in threats of strike action by the union's own staff, while Sally Hunt, general secretary, has said that union strategy is being directed by "bodies outside UCU."

Reversals in Wisconsin

Governor seeks major benefit cuts for all U. of Wisconsin employees -- and elimination of the newly won right of faculty and academic employees to unionize.

Cast Out in Chicago

Adjuncts at Columbia College Chicago say that administration's replacement of 100 long-serving instructors, without explanation, is an act of 'war' on their union.

Why They Are Rallying

Amid national debates over efforts to block collective bargaining in public higher education, union leaders in Ohio talk about the changes they've helped make.

Adjunct Alternative or Union Busting?

A community college's solution for reliance on adjuncts? Posts with job security for a year, a 7-7 course load, and no chance at tenure. Faculty unions split on the idea.

New Tactic to Kill Faculty Unions

Ohio Senate passes bill against collective bargaining by public employees -- and applies Yeshiva decision to state colleges and universities.

Private Gains, Public Stagnation

For second year in a row, median gain in faculty salaries at state colleges and universities is zero.

Defeat for Academic Labor

Senate Republicans in Wisconsin find way to pass governor's plan to bar or limit most collective bargaining in public sector.


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