For-profit colleges

Enrollment declines continue, National Student Clearinghouse finds

Undergraduate enrollment is still down across higher education, according to the latest National Student Clearinghouse report. Black and Hispanic enrollment in community colleges is still down more than white and Asian enrollment.

For-profits see a lot riding on the elections

They worry Democratic control over the White House and Senate will bring a return of Obama administration policies. Many are donating to Republicans to keep it from happening.

New recession sets stage for abuses by for-profits, critics fear

The last recession brought overaggressive recruitment of students by bad actors among for-profit colleges, and some worry about a repeat in this economic downturn.

How will for-profit colleges fare in the recession?

Are for-profit colleges poised to bounce back in the newly begun recession? Or are their glory days behind them?

Senate Republicans join Democrats in rebuke of DeVos on borrower-defense rule

Ten Senate Republicans joined Democrats in backing a resolution opposing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's borrower-defense rule, following a similar measure passed by the House.

Arkansas State considers opening vet school with for-profit

Arkansas State University is mulling over partnering with a for-profit company to start the state's first vet school. Is this what the state, and its students, need?

FTC and University of Phoenix settle over long-running investigation of advertisements

University of Phoenix and the Federal Trade Commission settle a five-year investigation into whether the university falsely touted its relationships with big employers.

Texas college thinks it has cracked the code for high-demand health-care fields

The College of Health Care Professions, a for-profit in Texas, has solid outcomes for low-income students in health-care fields. How does the model work?

Education Department calls Grand Canyon a for-profit, raising questions about conversion bids

Trump administration's Education Department says the Arizona university remains a for-profit, a surprising decision that may dump cold water on other nonprofit conversion bids.

Pew study finds more poor students attending college

A new report claims more poor students than ever are enrolling in the nation's colleges and universities, but a disproportionate number are attending less selective or open-access institutions, which may hinder their chances for success.


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