Indiana Wesleyan plans to acquire a Christian higher education institution in Australia

Indiana Wesleyan U. plans to acquire the Wesley Institute, in Sydney, with hopes to create the first full-fledged Protestant university in Australia and New Zealand.

Religious colleges react to new policy on birth control coverage

Obama administration won't require religious colleges' insurance plans to cover contraception, but officials outline another way to give employees access.

Church and State

An evangelical college in New York City, saying its accreditation is at risk, is taking on an eminence in higher education.

Lost Faith

Two Davidson trustees -- including the college's most generous donor -- quit over board's decision to allow non-Christians to serve.

Web Site That Went Too Far

An AAUP report shows how an award-winning professor and his department chair lost their jobs over online criticism of Cumberland College.

Gay Freedom Riders

A civil rights group visits Liberty University to start a campaign that will focus on religious and military colleges.

Did SpongeBob Article Cost Professor a Job?

Many at Hope College believe a popular faculty member was forced out because his views offended religious leaders.

Transition for Christian College Group

Robert C. Andringa -- an influential figure in Washington higher ed circles -- announced plans to retire.

Conceding Defeat at Shorter

Trustees acknowledge that their fight to stay independent is over and Georgia Baptist Convention will regain control.

Restored Faith at Baylor

University is reassuring professors concerned about fundamentalism while also restating its religious mission.


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